Friday, September 24, 2010

For my Swedish speaking friends you can now have a look at lots of video clips from one of my lectures which I have called "The Ten Commandments for Leaders". You can either what an entire lecture of 50 minutes, a 9 minute trailer or see each commandment seperately as a 1-2 minute mini-clip. I hope you enjoy this. My friends at Astrakan Strategisk Utbildning AB have but it all together very nicely so you can either go to their page and have a look or click on the links below.

Budord nummer 1

Budord nummer 2

Budord nummer 3

Budord nummer 4

Budord nummer 5

Budord nummer 6

Budord nummer 7

Budord nummer 8

Budord nummer 9

Budord nummer 10

9 minuters trailer från föreläsningen ”Tio Budord för Ledare”

50 minuters film av hela föreläsningen finns på

For those who are curious and english speaking I hope to have something similar out in English soon.

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